The Bills Mafia was so loud in Atlanta that Falcons offense had to make crazy adjustment

Bills Mafia

Looks like a lot of Blue Bills Mafia in that crowd!

By now, everyone around the NFL should be aware of The Bills Mafia. Buffalo Bills fans that are loud, passionate and travel extremely well. And this past Sunday in Hotlanta, the Bills Mafia showed up to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in a major way:

The ‘He’ in the above tweet from @billsdaily is referring to Bills center Eric Wood, speaking on WGR 550 Monday about the crowd noise in the dome. And yes, you read that right, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons offense HAD TO SWITCH TO A SILENT COUNT BECAUSE THE BILLS MAFIA WAS GETTING A LITTLE TOO LOUD IN HIS BUILDING!

What that essentially means is that instead of talking to his lineman, receivers, running backs, etc. and verbally calling out audibles pre-snap at the line of scrimmage, Ryan has to basically rely on hand signals. That’s harder than it may seem. In Buffalo, it would be no big deal as opposing offenses can typically expect 60k+ Bills fans’ raining down on them any given Sunday. In Atlanta though? Color me impressed, Bills Mafia.

Maybe the acoustics in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium still need to be figured out to give the home team the edge (cough cough Seattle Seahawks), but for now, the Bills Mafia took full advantage and earned Matt Ryan’s respect at the same time: