Video: Tyrod Taylor drops 50-yard in-the-air  dime to Charles Clay

Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor to Charles Clay


Tyrod Taylor and the Buffalo Bills are currently locked in a close 7-10 contest with the Atlanta Falcons which is now at halftime. In the second quarter, the Bills offense provided some fireworks as Taylor dropped this absolute dime to his tight end Charles Clay for a 44-yard gain:

What a toss! And If you watch the replay, Tyrod actually runs backwards and throws from his own 35-yard line, down to Clay at Atlanta’s 15. Not only was #5 on the run but the ball also traveled about 50 yards in the air. Not many people can make that play.

Tyrod has been mostly erratic on the deep ball to his wide receivers this season but he and Clay surely seem to be on the same page, teaming up for four receptions and 78 yards in the first half against the Falcons. Let’s see what Buffalo can do in this second half against the 2016 NFC Champions.

Another angle of the 44-yard throw and catch from Tyrod Taylor to Charles Clay:


Tyrod Taylor