Pro Football Focus: Tyrod Taylor ranked among elite QB’s (top 5) through 3 weeks

Tyrod Taylor

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One week ago there was a contingent of Bills fans’ clamoring for rookie backup QB Nate Peterman to replace starter Tyrod Taylor in the lineup. This week, that ridiculous chatter has quieted down as Taylor put together an incredibly efficient and dynamic week 3 performance vs. an elite Denver Broncos defense. Despite some fans “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality, Pro Football Focus, an industry leader in player analytics, has taken notice of T-Mobile’s play to start this season:


Stuck in the middle between Drew Brees and Matthew Stafford is a fantastic place to be. And to his credit, Tyrod looked much more comfortable in the offense as he finished 20-26 for 213 passing yards, two touchdowns, a passer rating of 126 and a handful of big-yardage plays in the 26-16 win over the Broncos. Currently through three games, he’s completed 67% of his passes for 562 yards, four touchdowns, one interception and a passer rating of 99.2.

While I do think Tyrod struggles with three-step drops and quick-hitting throws (partially due to his lack of height) that some of Rick Dennisons offense is predicated on, it was good to see the Bills adjust in week 3, allowing #5 to get outside of the numbers using play-action and designed rollouts. He rewarded the offense with a few big-time throws (such as this dime to Nick O’leary) and a couple tough first down scrambles that few players in the NFL can convert.

Hopefully, we’re just scratching the surface of Tyrod Taylor’s development in this new Buffalo Bills offense.