Did Kristaps Porzingis just tweet then delete a message about his future?

You be the judge. I am not so sure myself as it’s probably meaningless, but Kristaps Porzingis’ tweet-then-delete on Saturday night probably won’t sit well with most New York Knicks fans.

As you can see on the screenshot below, at approximately 8:05pm Eastern Time on May 6th the star forward from Latvijia sent out a tweet that read “LA Clippers” with three smiley faces. All I can think about is Chris Paul, even though the Clippers are OUT of the playoffs already. So what gives?


Kristaps Porzingis

A screenshot of the tweet sent out by Kristaps Porzingis twitter account


It could have been one of his brothers or buddies just messing around on his account or maybe Porzingis wrote it himself and then realized he made a mistake and deleted it. Or he could just be messing with us, he is a 21-year old after all. It’s interesting that the tweet was gone in under 60 seconds though, damn quick.

But seriously, is there anyway KP himself would have that much pull within the Knicks organization that he would already be privy to details of a trade? Sure, he wasn’t happy with last season and skipped the end-of-year exit meetings with Phil Jackson, but would he know of such a deal already? I doubt it.

And let’s hope there is no deal, because unless Chris Paul (never Blake Griffin) is involved in a player swap then it’s pointless. Even then, would it be worth it for New York? I love CP3 but that’s an answer for another day. What do the Knicks fans’ out there think of this?