Sources: Buffalo Bills keeping Tyrod Taylor on restructured contract

Tyrod Taylor on Thursday Night vs. New York Jets

UPDATE: The Buffalo Bills have since made the announcement on its website. Restructured deal lowers Taylor’s cap hit to under $10M for 2017. More details.

It didn’t come down to the official deadline which is this Saturday but Buffalo Bills fans’ have waited long enough to find out who its next quarterback will be. On Wednesday afternoon it looks like the team has an answer:


This is huge news for a few reasons. First off, the best quarterback in Buffalo since Jim Kelly is staying in town which seems like the right move if the Bills are trying to win now. Secondly, Schefter mentions a “restructured” deal for Taylor which you would think would provide the team with salary cap relief. In fact, one of the biggest arguments against keeping T-Mobile was the guaranteed money on his option.

The details of this “restructured” deal will be extremely interesting to see as NFL free agency starts tomorrow (Thursday) and the Bills are in the market to fill some holes. If a new deal in fact has been reached then the extra cap space will dictate the rest of the offseason for GM Doug Whaley and the front office.

Now that the Buffalo Bills are keeping Tyrod Taylor the team can focus on molding the rest of its roster and fans can get their season tickets renewed!