Latest report about Bills releasing Tyrod Taylor is based off speculation, not intel

Tyrod Taylor at training camp

Tyrod Taylor at training camp/Paul Banach (2016)


The latest ‘report’ about the Buffalo Bills regarding its QB situation is that the team is apparently leaning towards releasing Tyrod Taylor. Buffalo News’ Vic Carruci joined WGRZ Sports Anchor Adam Benigni on Tuesday night to discuss the rumors coming from the 2017 NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

During that segment which can be viewed here, Carruci talks about Tyrod’s future and says it looks as if it’s “leaning against Taylor returning to this football team.” With that coming on the heels of NFL Film’s Greg Cosell saying he would “move on without” the QB if he was the Bills, it doesn’t sound good for TT fans in Western New York.

And only a few days removed from a more optimistic outlook when NFL wealth advisor tweeted-then-deleted a picture of Taylor on Twitter stating he would be returning to Buffalo, it feels like the Bills will be starting its QB search all over again, right? Well, maybe, but not so fast.

As you can see on the WGRZ clip, Carruci mentions Tyrod possibly not returning to the team, but follows that up in the very next sentence with “just the way McDermott answered the question about if he wanted to keep him (Taylor).”

Basically, at his recent NFL Draft Combine presser Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott was asked whether or not he wanted to keep Taylor. He responded that the coaching staff is continuing to thoroughly evaluate and analyze that position and that they hadn’t made a decision yet. It wasn’t a glowing endorsement of TT but it also wasn’t really a knock, as it’s the same exact line the HC used repeatedly at his introduction press conference last month.

But that answer is what this recent report of the Bills leaning towards releasing Tyrod is based on, how McDermott responded to a question at a press conference. And as far as the WGRZ video clip and write-up go, there was nothing additionally cited from other sources like new, inside information or an agent spilling the beans on a recent development. So essentially, from the tone and the way a Head Coach answered a question, it now looks like its starting QB will not be back with the team. In my opinion, that makes this report an absolute reach that isn’t based off of any new information. Could it end up being true? Yes, but it doesn’t look like there’s any update here.

Don’t get it twisted, Carruci is great at his job and is an extremely well-informed NFL beat writer. He does make the valid point that Buffalo would absolutely bring Taylor back if it weren’t for his over $30M due over two years. That in itself is pretty common knowledge though, so maybe Vic has also spoken with some NFL Front Office personnel and player agents that are crawling all over the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. That would make more sense than trying to get a read based off of a HC’s non-answer answer.

Thing is, nothing like that is being disclosed or cited in the latest report, not even according to “unnamed sources” which makes this whole story feel very click-baity. Anyways, @Rotoworld_FB tweeted out a similar headline citing Carruci on Wednesday afternoon, so the rumor mill and hot takes are off and running.

While the Buffalo Bills may end up releasing Tyrod Taylor when it’s all said and done, there doesn’t appear to be any new information shared with the latest report that the team is leaning that way. Stay thirsty for knowledge my friends.