NFL Financial advisor tweets then deletes that Tyrod Taylor is staying with Buffalo Bills

File this one under the investigative category as respected Wealth Advisor Terrence A. McKelvey tweeted out a picture with a message on Monday afternoon that #BillsMafia may be interested in. Then it self-destructed 15 minutes later. The tweet? Oh, nothing too crazy…


Tyrod Taylor

Just that Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is returning to the team for the upcoming season. Awesome! Just what plenty of us were hoping for. But then just as quick as this “news” came it was gone, as McKelvey (or whomever runs his account) deleted the tweet shortly thereafter. So what to make of this?

Well as Nate Geary of WGR pointed out, it’s pretty telling that the post was deleted so quickly. There could be a few reasons behind that. One being that the Bills or his agent or Tyrod himself want to make the official announcement about his return. Another could be that the paperwork is not official yet or the message that Taylor is coming back to Buffalo could be flat out incorrect. Whatever the case may be, it’s definitely an interesting development on an otherwise slow Monday afternoon.

It’s also worth noting that McKelvey is an extremely successful and well-regarded financial advisor in NFL circles and is a partner/affiliated with Stratos Wealth Partners according to his Wikipedia page. On the surface, there doesn’t seem to be a clear objective as to why the wealth advisor would make this up. Weirder things have happened though.

My Takeaway

Even as McKelvey posted and then quickly deleted the picture on Twitter, it doesn’t mean he’s wrong that Tyrod Taylor is returning to Buffalo. And given his strong reputation, I don’t see a reason he’d send out breaking news like that without being 100% sure. But, as we all know, it’s best to double check your sources or you will end up reporting that Terry Bradshaw died.

We will update you with any official news as it comes!