Tyrod Taylor’s numbers with/without Sammy Watkins & Robert Woods are alarming

Tyrod Taylor on Thursday Night vs. New York Jets


Through 12 games this season the Buffalo Bills passing offense has been one of the worst in the NFL. As Rex Ryan said after last Sunday’s loss to Oakland, there are “multiple factors” in why the aerial attack has struggled.

Consistency is one. Lack of attempts is another. And while Tyrod Taylor’s numbers do suffer from his own flaws as a passer, a major reason for the lack of productivity has been injuries to Buffalo’s wide receivers, specifically Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.

Now, it’s typical for a signal caller to struggle a bit when his top playmakers aren’t healthy, but the disparity in Taylor’s stats from when both Watkins and Woods are on the field together to when they are not is alarming. This is taken from Chris Trapasso’s column on all 26 starts of Tyrod’s career:

Taylor has thrown 21 touchdowns in 12 games when Watkins and Woods are in the lineup. That is more than double the 10 touchdowns he’s tossed in 14 games when his top-two WR’s are not playing together. That is a big deal.

And it’s not to say T-Mobile hasn’t brought some of the criticism on himself with up and down play, but 11 more scores through the air in two less games when two specific guys are playing together means something. He’s also completing a higher % of passes, taking almost a sack less per game and is averaging close to two yards more per attempt when #14 and #10 suit up. This season the two have been on the field together for two games so far.

Surrounding Tyrod Taylor with pass catchers that can stay healthy and make an impact won’t completely cure his inconsistencies, but it will go a long way to improving Buffalo’s passing game and overall offensive productivity.