Reggie Bush to honor Joe McKnight Sunday with custom cleats

Reggie Bush's week 13 cleats

Reggie Bush’s week 13 cleats


In recent years, the NFL has earned the nickname “No Fun League” for it’s stance on player celebrations among a litany of other subjects. This Sunday however, Roger Goodel is loosening up the rules a bit.

For week 13’s “My cause, My cleats” campaign, NFL players can wear customized cleats highlighting a specific charity, organization, cause, person etc. that they choose. We’ve seen some corporate sponsored cleats and other unique designs already, but Reggie Bush’s tribute to a former USC and NFL player might be the best pair yet.

Joe Mcknight (2007-2010) followed Bush in a long line of successful running backs at USC  and played in the NFL for four seasons. He passed away just earlier this week in a road-rage incident.

While we send our condolences to Joe Mcknight’s family and hope that he rests in peace and power, it’s a classy move by Bush. Other players may be highlighting great causes, but Reggie is paying homage to a fallen brethren while also putting the spotlight on senseless gun violence.