Bills seal Win vs. Jags using same play from torturous ’14 Chiefs’ loss

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy game winner vs. the Jaguars/PB


It’s week nine of the 2014 NFL regular season. The Buffalo Bills are a surprise 5-3 heading into a showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Ralph. Feeding off a frenzied crowd and the strong start to the year, Doug Marrone’s crew beat Andy Reid’s up and down the field for most of the game, racking up almost 100 more total yards of offense.

With the home team leading 13-3 and 13:30 on the clock in the 4th quarter, a huge 4th-down arises for Buffalo’s defense. What happens next changed the course of the season for both teams, as KC decided to go for it and Jamaal Charles took a pitch from Alex Smith to the house for 39-yards to pull the Chiefs within three points.

Just the thought of that play and game, which ended in a 17-13 Buffalo loss makes me cringe, so when LeSean McCoy sealed the win vs. the Jaguars on a third and long this past Sunday with a very similar play-call, it felt like a small bit of redemption.

Charles’ 2014 week 9 scamper wasn’t the game-deciding score or play of the contest, but it was surely a momentum-changer that ended up dropping Buffalo to 5-4 and served as a defining moment in yet another disappointing season.

For the time being, McCoy’s 9-yard run keeps the Bills playoff hopes alive and allows the team (or at least its fan base) to lick some wounds from the past. Hats off to Offensive Coordinator Anthony Lynn on the great play call!


LeSean McCoy