Former Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams still receives crazy support from Razorback Nation

AP Photo/L.G. Patterson

AP Photo/L.G. Patterson

It’s been nearly two years since Jonathan Williams suited up for the University of Arkansas football team yet Razorback Nation still treats the former offensive standout like family. Now with the Buffalo Bills, the rookie running back has impressed coaches and teammates alike in his first NFL preseason.

With a mixture of speed, physicality and elusiveness, it’s no wonder Williams was a fan favorite and top collegiate running back a couple seasons ago. After a dominating performance in 2014 which saw him rack up 1,255 yards from scrimmage, 14 total touchdowns and second-team All-SEC honors, JW suffered a foot injury that sidelined him for his entire senior campaign.

On Friday night against the Washington Redskins however, Williams got the hype train back in motion, busting off a highlight-reel worthy 37-yard touchdown run and bringing out a swarm of Razorback Nation fans in the process:


Not even five minutes after posting the above clip of Williams’ run on Twitter, Arkansas Football fans were out in full force “re-tweeting” and “liking” the highlight. With my phone basically exploding from all of the notifications, I started to look at who was really engaging and viewing the tweet. First I figured it was mostly #BillsMafia checking out the new rookie, but to my surprise the vast majority of people were from the Arkansas football contingent.

As of noon on Saturday, the post has amassed 390 retweets and 498 likes for over 45,000 impressions. Now for some larger accounts that’s no big deal, but @NYSportsBiz only has around 1,300 followers so that interaction rate is off the charts. There was no attribution to the running back’s or any other Arkansas-affiliated accounts either, making it all that more impressive that they found the video.

Razorback Nation couldn’t contain their excitement and showed crazy support for a guy that hasn’t played for the team in two years. It makes sense when you consider the loyalty Jonathan Williams showed them by forgoing the NFL Draft in 2015 and returning for his senior year. Even though that move didn’t quite pan out, it’s good to see the University of Arkansas football fans still have his back. Check out some of the reactions to JW’s big touchdown run last night: