Talented rookie CB Kevon Seymour plays “lights out” at Bills camp on Wednesday


As Buffalo Bills training camp wears on rookie CB Kevon Seymour just keeps on improving. Through the beginning of the summer the sixth-round selection flashed serious potential in pass coverage but has also shown the normal signs of being a first-year player.

Seymour was said to be “on pace with Darby” earlier this spring by a member of the Bills coaching staff, referring to starting CB Ronald Darby and his fantastic showing in last year’s rookie camps. That is extremely high praise for a player that didn’t start in his senior year at USC, but with corrected vision that was just a crippling 20/60 months ago, Kevon seems to be adjusting nicely to the pro game.

On Wednesday, the cornerback had his best performance of camp to date as he was breaking up passes all over the place. Joe Buscaglia of WKBW has the scoop:


It would be an absolute gift for Rex Ryan’s defense if the rookie can keep it up and find a way to contribute this season. While the team’s 3rd and 4th string cornerbacks are competitive, a guy with decent size like Seymour’s in coverage is valuable, especially against a team like the New York Jets.

And anytime that guy with size can run a 4.39s 40-yard dash and has a 35-inch vertical jump, it may be worth seeing what he can do. Kevon Seymour’s story gets real intriguing when you realize that he played his entire high school and collegiate career with a vision impairment. It was only discovered when he went to EXOS Performance Training center to get ready for the NFL Draft that they concluded he had 20/60 vision.

That basically meant that what a normal person could see from 60 feet away, Seymour would have to be 20 feet from the target to view it with the same clarity. Just the thought of chasing wide receivers 40-yards down the field and looking back trying to find the ball in the air with that bad of eyesight is like a nightmare.

A big reason he had lost his starting job at USC was because of his inability to make plays on the ball despite having tight coverage. Bills scouts’ and front office were all over this important detail which has been recently corrected by contact lenses.

We’ll be checking out rookie CB Kevon Seymour live along with the rest of the Buffalo Bills tomorrow at Thursday night practice.