Brandon Jennings “Rips” Longtime New York Knicks Nemesis Reggie Miller

Brandon Jennings playing with The Clozers in the famed Drew League.

Brandon Jennings playing with The Clozers in LA’s famed Drew League.

Brandon Jennings is still months away from officially suiting up for the Knicks yet it sounds like he’s already been with the organization for years. While New York eagerly awaits what its newest playmaker can bring to the harwood, BJ3 is doing his part to make a good first impression off the court.

Jennings recently took to twitter to share his thoughts on a certain NBA highlight involving LeBron James and one of Gotham’s most-hated villains: Reggie Miller. Any real Knicks’ fan with a soul should have a strong disdain for Miller (the basketball player) and that’s putting it lightly.

That man shouldn’t be allowed to step foot into Madison Square Garden unless its to announce in front of a capacity crowd that he absolutely fouled on that crucial steal in the 1995 playoffs and that he is disavowing the win. Anyways, check out what the Knicks’ ‘great 6 hope’ had to say about the former Indiana Pacers’ star:

I find it hilarious that Jennings rips Reggie for getting dunked on by LeBron and also says “he knew it was time for him to go”, referring to Miller retiring from the NBA. Indiana’s three-point chucker and James were only in the league together for three years so obviously it was at the end of an 18-year career, although I doubt the result would have been much different at any other point in time.

And this is also entertaining because besides allegations of harassment against Reggie Miller in 2009, the media and other players don’t often publicly criticize him in a negative manner. Thank goodness for Brandon Jennings though, as a little fun on twitter for him is a sign of undying allegiance to the Mecca for us.