Literally Must Read: Gilbert Arenas FLAMES Chicago Bulls for Derrick Rose Trade

Former three-time NBA All-Star and self-proclaimed sharp-shooter Gilbert Arenas has been out of the league for four years now yet still routinely ‘trends’ and makes his way into the headlines. It’s mostly for his lengthy posts on social media however and not for anything on the basketball court.

Dropping knowledge from his infamous instagram account, “Agent Zero” has taught us everything from ways to cheat your credit card company out of thousands of dollars to how we shouldn’t listen to him because he ‘brought a gun to work’.

It’s all pretty much in jest but Arenas is a savage no doubt. His latest take on the New York Knicks trade with the Chicago Bulls to acquire Derrick Rose is literally insane though. Please, if you don’t like offensive language you probably should stop scrolling now because IT GETS REAL.


Here are a couple highlights of Gilbert’s rant.

On Chicago Bulls GM: “im not saying #chicagobullsGM is doing #crack, all im saying is this move was very CRACKISH”.

On what the Bulls got in return for Rose: “#philjackson just got derrick rose for two scratch and sniff lotto tickets, one of shawn kemps kids and a bootleg copy of #riri cd (music of the son WITHOUT #PondDeReplay).”

Arenas then goes on to talk about D’Angelo Russell’s notorious cell phone video and some other audio he has of Roy Hibbert getting slapped in the face during preseason by Trevor Booker. He finishes the post with “#PhilRealMVP.”

That part sounds good to me. Some of this stuff from “Agent Zero” is really out there but its wildly entertaining to say the least.