Tyrod Taylor’s 2015 Numbers: Somewhere Between Drew Brees and Russell Wilson

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images


The Buffalo Bills and its fan base have plenty to be disappointed about in the 2015 season. An underperforming defense along with the onslaught of injuries to key players kept the franchise out of postseason play for a 16th consecutive year.

While that streak will loom for another offseason, the team also a lot to be excited about, starting with the guy under center. Tyrod Taylor surprised just about everyone in his first season as an NFL starting quarterback, finishing with an 8-6 W-L record and showing a good amount of progress/growth as the schedule wore on.

Earlier in the week, NFL writer Chris Trapasso tweeted an excel chart comparing numbers and production from Drew Brees in 2004, Tyrod Taylor in 2015 (through week 16) and Russell Wilson in 2014. The stats were fairly similar and on my updated chart below, you’ll see the Buffalo QB is sitting in good company when it comes to a young, successful signal caller early on in his career.

Paul Banach


Obviously and to his credit, the idea for the chart originated from Trapasso, as I just expanded the table with more statistical categories and updated it with the box score from week 17. Props to him for allowing our minds to wander on the future of the Bills quarterback position. The reality is that Taylor has a long way to go to be able to consistently emulate what those two men with Super Bow rings that he’s being mentioned with do every weekend.

Still with that in mind, #5 had a solid amount of on field success in 2015 and with a whole offseason as starter to gain more continuity with the offense and to keep fostering his rapidly growing rapport with star receiver Sammy Watkins, the future at quarterback looks bright in Buffalo.