Tyrod Taylor: NFL’s Most Accurate Deep Passer through Week 13

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


Yes, you read the headline correctly and no, I’m not exaggerating when I say the Buffalo Bills have the most accurate quarterback in the NFL when it comes to throwing the ball deep. Already known for his mobility, Tyrod Taylor has surprised many in the first ten starts of his career with a high completion percentage and a big arm that can toss 40-yard bombs with the flick-of-a-wrist.

That ability to stretch the field has really been on display these past few weeks as Sammy Watkins and Tyrod have hooked up through the air for multiple big plays and have a budding chemistry that’s being forged right in front of us. Looking at the tape, it’s clear that Taylor’s deep passing has been on point for most of the season, with only a small handful of long throws that were uncatchable for its target.

With Rex Ryan’s defense underperforming, injuries mounting and Buffalo sitting at a 6-6 record, #5’s Air Raid may not be getting quite as much publicity as it deserves. Regardless, the numbers speak for themselves:



I’ve been a fan of TMobile since his Virginia Tech days, but there’s no way you could have convinced me that he would lead the league in deep ball completion percentage in his first year as a starter. That type of stuff isn’t even in the realm of thought for a guy who had virtually no professional playing experience coming in.

There’s still a lot to improve upon in terms of becoming a complete quarterback, but Tyrod Taylor is showing some very positive signs early on. And for a franchise that’s lacked a solid starter under center for the better half of two decades, it could finally have the piece it needs to get back into the postseason.