Even if Tyrod Taylor used “diamond-encrusted mouthguard”, it shouldn’t bother you

Tyrod taylor

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Tyrod Taylor has been relatively quiet this offseason allowing his consistency and solid play to do the talking. Well after winning a heated training camp competition and being named Buffalo’s opening day quarterback, a rumor that T-Mobile was adding some bling to his mouthguard for his first career NFL start surfaced on Monday.

  The rumor comes from TMZ who noted that Taylor linked up with well known dentist Dr. Michael Wright to create the custom-made mouthpiece. It supposedly included a coated layer over the diamonds to protect his teeth and also has a magnet attached so the piece won’t need a strap to his helmet. A report from Mike Rodak of ESPN later denied those claims:


Now even if this was true, I would consider it a little reward for years of hard-work finally paying off with a starting job. Many people didn’t see it that way as the social media hot takes were abundant with negative and insulting reactions. Comments roughly ranging from “he will be ran out of town after three games” to “didn’t know we hired a rapper for quarterback” among plenty of others is sad to see. I realize not everyone of all ages and backgrounds is going to understand or agree with a 26-year old putting diamonds in his mouthpiece, but to immediately overreact with such negativity is embarrassing.

Last time I checked the type of mouthguard you wear doesn’t affect how you play on game day. And on-field production (as long as there’s no off-field issues) is just about all that should matter. Not how the player looks, nor what type of mouthguard he uses or what kind of music he listens to. He should be judged by his performance on Sunday’s and to predict/insinuate failure because of a TMZ mouthguard rumor shows what thin skin some of us have.

Everyone is no doubt entitled to their opinion and I’m not trying to tell you how to think, but doesn’t it seem foolish to have such derogatory thoughts about this topic? The man can spend his money however he pleases and to question that in this context is nothing but a waste of time.

Admittedly, fifteen years of no playoffs and the carousel of quarterbacks at One Bills Drive breeds negativity among us fans. Even so, with new owners, new coaches and a new quarterback, the organization is doing its job to turn the corner on those dark days.

As the best fambase in all of the NFL, we’d be better off by following suit.