Knicks Head Coach Derek Fisher & Robin Lopez Squash Previous “Beef” Over Dinner

Derek Fisher Robin Lopez

Derek Fisher and Robin Lopez Battle in 2010 WCF

Dinner and a $54 million contract.

Knicks head coach Derek Fisher isn’t all that far removed from his playing career, which spanned 18 seasons and five NBA championships. In fact he’s at the front of a recent trend of former player’s becoming head coaches immediately after they hang it up on the court. That also includes Milwaukee Bucks coach Jason Kidd and while Fisher just recently called it quits, he still has plenty of different relationships with active players in the league; for better or for worse.


Now everything stays on the court and doesn’t leave there but these guys are competitors so its no surprise they went at each other fiercely. Fisher was always known as a gritty, grind it out type player while Robin Lopez has never been afraid to mix it up with anybody. If he’s not beating up mascots then the high-energy big man takes it to the court and plays with a lot of passion.

That 2010 Western Conference Finals Series was taken by Fisher’s Los Angeles Lakers 4-2, but the Phoenix Suns made them earn every win. After tying the series up 2-2, Ron Artest hit a game-winning shot to take Game 5 in devastating fashion. The Suns did all they could do battle back in Game 6 but couldn’t over come Kobe Bryant and his 37 points.

Even if you don’t quite remember the series is was a drag down, knock out effort from Phoenix that really made it an intense battle. Now that these two are reunited, Knicks fans’ around the globe are hoping Lopez will bring a degree of toughness that can help this team improve on last year’s atrocious defensive performance.