Buffalo Bills Playoffs Week 14: Who to Root for


Syracuse.com-This fan won’t give up on Buffalo’s playoff hopes

At 7-5 the Buffalo Bills currently sit in the 8th spot of the AFC playoff race, two seeds away from their first post season birth in 14 years. Although many fans may feel like its a long shot, there is still a legitimate chance for the Bills to sneak into the sixth seed and it starts with a win in Denver this Sunday.

Here is a look at the rest of this weekends matchups that can help/hurt Buffalo’s push to the playoffs and who Bills fans should be rooting for.

Cincinatti Bengals vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Bengals currently sit at the top of the AFC North at 8-3-1 while the Steelers are ranked 10th in the playoff race at 7-5. The Bills will be seeking a wild card spot just like the Steelers, so Cincinatti could help by beating Pittsburgh.

ROOT FOR: Cincinatti Bengals

Arizona Cardinals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

 The Kansas City Chiefs are currently ranked 7th in the AFC and own the tiebreaker against the Bills. After the Week 10 let down at Ralph Wilson Stadium, this pick is a no brainer. 

ROOT FOR: Arizona Cardinals

Baltimore Ravens vs. Miami Dolphins 

The Ravens are in 9th place and are also vying for a wild card playoff spot. The Dolphins own the tiebreaker over the Bills because they have a better divisional record. It wont be hard to root for Baltimore to squish the Fish.

ROOT FOR: Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis Colts  vs. Cleveland Browns 

The Browns are 7-5 and still in the mix while the Colts lead the AFC South at 8-4.

ROOT FOR: Indianapolis Colts